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Broadgate — London

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Play Reading Collective: Backbone - 6:00PM

Backbone Theatre Presents Play Reading Collective

Have a play you want to read? Wouldn't you rather do it in the way it was supposed to be read? Up on its feet with a bunch of playful actors and a supportive audience? Or perhaps you've written something you'd like to hear out loud? Here's a pool of actors from which to cast it and a relaxed evening in which you can make it happen. Backbone Theatre Play Reading Collective is a monthly night, open to all, where we stage readings of plays and meet in the bar for a drink and a chat afterwards. Simple. Pick plays you’ve always wanted to read. Pick plays you’ve never heard of. As many readings as we want. No stakes. Just 100% commitment in the room.

This month the play will be Salamander by Olivia Mace

Salamander takes place during one shift at a high-end restaurant in one of the poorer areas of London. The head chef, an unusual position for a woman, is Muriel Fabron; a force to be reckoned with. She is fearsome and borderline abusive to her staff: Tariq her sous chef, Malachi the pot wash and Samantha the well-spoken millennial who manages the restaurant.  One lunch time, an Unknown Guest arrives and the staff wonder if he might be from Michelin. An ordinary  shift becomes an intense marathon as Muriel goes to extraordinary lengths to impress the mystery diner, at whatever cost, and the rest of the staff’s stories of class, love and prejudice bubble up to the surface. We question the difference between what we see, what we taste and what we truly know about the world around us, over a ten course tasting menu and a bottle of Lafitte 56.

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