Theatre Souk

14th September – 16th October 2010

“Everything is for sale, everything has a price…”

In a derelict building located in the shadows
of the City’s most famous shopping street, a
new marketplace has emerged, where what
is for sale is your imagination and the price is
whatever you can afford.

So come and enter the world of the Theatre Souk. Fill
your pocket full of coins and take a gamble on Chekov, pay
to watch a man fall to his death or take a loan out on your
soul to capture your moment of fame.

Featuring London’s best emerging and experimental
theatre-makers, Theatre Delicatessen invites you to the
pop-up theatre event of the year. Performers are selling
their wares and it is up to you who gets your cash.

Theatre Souk is a spectacular mix of original performance
and immersive design. We invite you into our shared space.

Come, lets strike a deal. We are going to empty your
pockets and perform for your pleasure.

Market entrance fee £7 plus as much of your earned cash
as you can afford.

Decide how much you spend at

14 September – 16 October
Tues – Sat. Doors open 7pm

3-4 Picton Place
London, W1U 1BJ

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